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Centre is home to a vibrant student community where you know you belong.

We are a highly residential campus—including on the weekends—so you’ll get to know your classmates well. Ninety-eight percent of Centre 学生 live on campus, and that feeling of community is often the highlight of the college experience. 从搬家那天开始, first-year 学生 begin building relationships as upper-level 学生, 教师, staff and even the President help them move into their residence hall. It's easy to get plugged-in with groups, 活动, 组织, and the community at the annual 活动 Expo near the beginning of each fall semester. 


Take a look around and you'll understand why Centre 学生 love their new home.
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住房 & 餐厅

Centre 学生 live as a community. From the residence halls to the dining hall, we’ve created an ergonomic environment that promotes wellness, 安慰, respect and responsibility.

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校园 & 社区

Centre is an inclusive space of scholars engaged in their community, giving 学生 space to play, 玩得开心, 尝试新事物, and build relationships

Norton Center for the Arts

Norton Center For the Arts

A world-class host for the performing arts and important events. The Center also serves as a focal point for Centre’s academic programs in theatre and music.

A Vibrant, Active 校园


Students living on campus


俱乐部 & 组织




Intercollegiate Athletic Teams




Norton Center 事件 Per Year

Diverse 学生 talking in a group

多样性、股票 & 包容

As an institution of higher learning, Centre is dedicated to the belief that we are here to serve a broad spectrum of identities, 能力, 利益, 表达式, cultures and world views.

Student in a wheelchair reading a book


Centre College is committed to eliminating barriers to learning by providing mobility, 饮食, 住房, and classroom accommodations for 学生 with accessibility needs.

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The experience of worldwide opportunity for Centre 学生 who study abroad, extends to 学生 from other countries through exchange programs welcoming them into the Centre community.

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First-Generation Students

Centre defines “first-generation” as a student whose custodial parent(s) or guardian(s) have not completed a four-year college degree. If you are a first-generation student we have specific financial aid and support resources for you.


Your physical and 精神 wellbeing is important to us and to your success.
Students enjoying a campus event

活动 & 组织

We have some 87 campus 组织 and each year more than 2,000 campus events. You don’t have to pick just one. It’s easy to participate and even easier to bring a friend to join you.

Centre student athlete kicking a soccer ball


The Centre College Colonels compete in 25 intercollegiate sports – 12 for men and 13 for women – with over 45 percent of the student body participating in one or more intercollegiate sport.

校园 nurse giving a vaccination


The Parsons Center for Student Health and Counseling provides a complete approach to wellness including physical, 精神, 社会健康.